Dengan ini dimaklumkan bahawa aktiviti Penyelidikan dan Kolokium untuk pelajar Tingkatan 6 Bawah tetap berterusan seperti biasa kecuali tarikh-tarikh berikut:

20/10/2010 : Peperiksaan Akhir Tahun T6 Bawah
3/11/2010   : Hari Ucapan
17/11/2010 : Hari Raya Qurban

Aktiviti Penyelidikan dan Kolokium ini akan sambung pada tahun depan mengikut jadual waktu.


Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang akan mengadakan satu Pertandingan Kuiz Alam Sekitar secara Online bermula 9 September 2010 dan tarikh tutup adalah 25 September 2010.

Pelajar-pelajar hanya perlu menjawab 10 soalan kuiz sahaja melalui laman web

100 peserta yang berjaya dalam pertandingan kuiz akan mendapat hadiah misteri daripada kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang. Mereka juga berpeluang untuk menyertai Kem Hijau yang dianjurkan oleh kerajaan negeri.

Semua pelajar Jit Sin digalakkan menyertai pertandingan ini!

This morning, I mentioned to my Lower 6 Computing students that the tentative date for the year end exam will begin from 14th September 2010. The official exam time table will be made known as soon as there are no further changes and after it has been approved by the Principal. I did not expect the casual mentioning of the exam date to be passed around so fast. Soon after the Computing class is over, news has spread that the exam will start on 14th Sept.

Well, I suppose many students are concerned about the exam. Good sign indeed. It shows that our students are aware of the importance of assessment in particular and their studies in general. After more than 4 months of studying in Form 6, it is time to gauge how much the students are able to understand the syllabus content.

There are two public exams to be held in October this year, that is PMR (5th Oct – 12 Oct) and MUET Speaking Test (12th Oct – 20th Oct). With that in mind, the year end exam date for the Lower 6 has been arranged to begin on 15th Oct 2010 and will last until 22nd Oct. The actual exam time table will be published in the school EDMS within a few days.

There are only four weeks left after the exam. The marking and processing schedule will be a little bit tight. Nevertheless it should be better than having the exam early and then left with seven weeks after that.

As for the MUET Speaking Test, a total of 271 students will be sitting for the test. Most of the candidates are the Lower 6 students with a few Upper 6 students who are trying to improve on their previous grades. There are two centers in this school and the test is expected to last for four days ie 12th Oct – 14th Oct and 18th Oct.

The MUET written test will be held on 13th Nov 2010 on Saturday. Unlike previously, this time around, the school intends to hold the written test in the classrooms. The main consideration for this change is the better sound effect if the listening test is held in the classroom. We will monitor and evaluate to see whether the change of test center for the written test is a better choice.

According to a circular dated 1st October 2009, the Director General of Education, Tan Sri Dato’ Alimuddin Bin Haji Mohd Dom announced that starting from 2009 , new grading system for SPM exam subjects will be introduced. A new grade, A+ which is a better grade than the current 1A grade has been added. Meanwhile, other grades have been changed too.

The following table shows the differences between the current and new grades:

Current Grade         New Grade

None                      A+

1A                          A

2A                          A-

3B                          B+

4B                          B

5C                          C+

6C                          C

7D                          D

8E                           E

9G                          G

Application to higher institution of learning and application for JPA scholarship starting from 2010 will make use of the new grading system. Present Form 5 students and the younger generation students must be aware of this change.

我感到欣慰自从校方举办过部落格训练之后, 所有教职员都拥有了个人的网络空间, 并开始把讯息、文章、图片等张贴上网与大众分享。欲观阅日新国中教职员部落格者可到以下日新国中网址:

过后点击“Teachers’ Blogs”(老师的部落格)

以下为維基百科 (Wikipedia) 里所刊载关于部落格的简介与優點

網誌Web log,縮寫 Blog),又譯為網路日誌博客(大陸音譯)、部落格(台灣音譯)或部落閣等,是一種通常由個人管理、不定期張貼新的文章、圖片或影片的網站。網誌上的文章通常根據張貼時間,以倒序方式由新到舊排列。



Pada 20 Sept 2008 (Sabtu), satu latihan untuk membina Blog bagi semua guru dan kakitangan diadakan. Hampir 200 orang guru mengambil bahagian dalam latihan ini. Latihan ini dikendalikan oleh beberapa orang guru. Mereka ialah En Tor Peng Chiang, En Khaw Kim Seng, En Liew Chin Han, En Chong Eng Seam, En Koay Tian Soo dan En Pius Heng. Mereka juga dibantu oleh guru-guru lain. Pada akhir sesi latihan, blog yang canggih dan kreatif dipilih dan diberi cenderahati.



group-photos-02-v2.jpg group-photos-03-v2.jpg

FingerTec R2 Biometric FingerPrint Reader

The school has decided to replace current RFID touch card attendance system with FingerPrint Biometric Attendance System. The main reason for the replacement is due to the weaknesses in the current clock-in system. The problems with the current touch card attendance system are:

a. some teachers and staffs forget to bring their attendance cards and thus their attendance is recorded as absent when they are actually in school.

b.  “buddy clock-in” – the attendance of teachers and staffs can be recorded by asking their buddies to clock in for them.

c. some teachers and staffs lost their attendance cards

To overcome the problems, a FingerPrint Biometric Attendance System will be installed. With the installation of this new system, teachers and staffs only have to touch their fingers against the reader to record their attendance. The new system is expected to be installed and implemented at the beginning of September 2008.

This feature has been made available under SMJK school portal for quite some time. I created my personal blog and a few other blogs for the school but simply did not write anything in it. Well, there are always so many things to do in school. By the time I reach home, I am already physically and mentally exhausted. During the weekend, there are always other chores to do. The idea of writing in the blog? It has long been forgotten!

Then I read the news where Barisan Nasional blames ICT, mobile phones, SMS (not the school SMS) and Blog partly for the lost of many of their candidates in the last general election. So they set up their own Blogs to counter the “rumours” spread by the other parties.

The former prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir lashes his dissatisfaction and expresses his opinion through his personal blog ( Long before him, Jeff Ooi and Datuk Seri Anwar have been very active bloggers, especially the former.

Then came the instructions to conduct “In Service Training” at least four times in a year for the school staffs. So we had the “Student Centred Learning”, “Budgeting” and even “Bowling” for the staffs. From the feedback, the sessions were quite “Teacher Centred Training” except the last activity. But is it educational?

So the idea to conduct training for all the staffs to create their Blogs struck me. Why not we conduct training where the staffs get to know about Blog and actively involved in creating their own blogs during the training. We have the personnel, facilities and resources to do it. The blogs created can be utilized as a medium for teachers and students to communicate. Teaching and learning activities can be conducted and relationship can be fostered!

Isn’t it more meaningful and educational?

But I ought to start writing one! Or else who will follow, right?

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