On 19 October 2009 (Monday), while other students were having their extra holiday in conjunction with Deepavali holiday, Form 4 ICT students were busy doing their practical lessons to assemble computer. It is part of the ICT syllabus where students learn to assemble a complete computer system unit.

After assembling the hardware components, the students had to partition and format hard disk. It is then followed by installing operating system, application software and utility programs.

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ICT students have started to write in through emails inquiring on news report that SPM students will be allowed to register only 10 subjects starting from 2010 SPM exam. It is true that the Education Minister has already made the announcement. However, there are other views expressed by relevant parties like the National Union of Teaching Profession(NUTP) which proposes 12 subjects as the limit. Then there are also educational organizations which express worries that the limit of 10 subjects will affect the number of students taking up Chinese subject.

We will have to wait for the official letter on the matter. There might be changes.

If the decision on the limit of 10 subjects in SPM is final, the school will explore various options on ways students interested in ICT can sit for the subject in SPM exam. Right now, it is early to discuss on that matter.

As such, the current batch of Form 4 ICT students must remain calm and be patient. As soon as the official letter is received and the final decision is made, you will be the first one to know.

Congratulations to all the 2008 Form 5 Students who took ICT subject in the SPM exam. Out of 14 students who took the exam, 13 of them scored 1A and another one obtained 2A. 100% of the candidates scored grade A in the exam! This is an outstanding result indeed.

What pleases me the most is the fact that the students comprised of Science and Art students. They ranged from 5S1 to 5S9 classes and everyone excelled in the subject. It goes to show that Jit Sin students are good students. If they are committed and hard working, they can achieve wonders.

A high standard has been set. It is now up to the future students to maintain or even surpass the record. I hope it is seen as a challenge rather than as a pressure for the future batches of students.

A piece of advise to all students. Take up subjects you are interested. Once you have made up your mind, work hard, be disciplined and go for it!

所有已向下午班副校长登记欲报读SPM ICT科目的中四同学需于6/1/2009 星期二下午2.50到IT Lab 4 出席会议。至今共有四十七名同学登记,只有二十名同学将被录取。没有出席的同学将被视为自动放弃。

ICT/3765 subject will be offered as an elective subject and opened to application from 2008 Form 3 / 2009 Form 4  students. Only 20 places are available because this is a subject whereby students will have to do practical works and projects. The subject is conducted in a computer laboratory. As such, the number of students who can enroll for the subject is limited. Currently all those who are interested can register for the subject. The final selection of the students will only be made at the beginning of 2009 when the school reopens.

The selection will be made based on a number of criteria:

a. interest of students on computer

b. motivation of students

c. PMR and school results  of students

d.  other factors deemed suitable

A meeting of all students who had registered  will be called eartly next year. They will be briefed in detail on the subject and eventually the final list of students will be made known.

Those who are interested to know more on the subject can visit the following site:


Analysis of SPM Trial Exam and Forecast Result for

Information and Communication Technology 3765/1


The result of Information and Communication Technology subject for the SPM Trial Examination shows that there is not much difference compared with the result of the Mid-Year Examination.


The actual exam date for the SPM ICT subject is on 13 November 2008 (Thursday). After the analysis of the trial exam result, a revision of the syllabus content will be carried out. Discussion will then be held on strategies to answer in the real exam.


A number of students were not well prepared for the Trial Exam. With slightly more than one month to go before the real exam, the students should be able to perform better during the SPM exam. However, much depends on the attitude and effort of the students towards the subject. If they were to put in more effort, it is expected that more than 80% of the students will be able to obtain As in the SPM exam.


 The following is the analysis of the Trial Exam and the Forecast SPM result:


Grade (Marks)

SPM Trial Exam  Result

Forecast SPM Result

1A (75 – 100)



2A(70 – 74)



3B (65 – 69)



4B (60 – 64)



5C (55 – 59)



6C (50 – 54)



7D (45 – 49)



8E (40 – 44)



9F (0 – 39)








 These are my current batch of ICT students. Suppose to be 14 students. However, one was absent when the photos was taken. Hence there are only 13 in this photos. Unlucky number? Well, I don’t think so. What is important is their actual performance in SPM exam. If they continue to work hard, they will perform very well in the coming exam. Keep it up students!

2007/2008 ICT Students


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An external assessor came to monitor the coursework marks of ICT students on 16 July 2008. He spent about 2 hours going through the coursework of students. At the end of the assessment, he was satisfied and agreed with the marks awarded.

So, congratulation to all the 14 ICT students! You have made a great stride and achieved remarkably well in the coursework part of the ICT subject. Mind you this ICT coursework constitutes 30% to the final SPM exam mark. If you have achieved 30% in your coursework, you are well on your way to achieve good grade in the final SPM exam.

However, a word of caution. Do not be over confident and worse still relax unnecessarily.  You still have to prepare and work hard. Nothing comes easily. As I mentioned earlier, if you continue to work hard and prepare well, many of you are expected to achieve grade A in the final SPM result.

All Form 5 ICT students are reminded to attend a special ICT class to be held on 16 July 2008 (Wednesday). The time is 2.30pm at school IT Lab 4. An external assessor will go through all the documents, reports and evidence of the coursework done by students. The marks awarded by internal assessor are only valid after they are verified and endorsed by the external assessor.

Attendance is compulsory.

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