Teachers and students have been asking regarding the coming STPM trial exam date. The matter has been discussed and finally the trial exam date has been fixed. The trial exam will begin on 14 September 2010 (Tuesday) and end on 22 September 2010 (Wednesday). The actual exam timetable will be posted at the notice board at the school EDMS web site. The venue of the exam is in the school hall.

On 20 September 2010 (Monday), two accounting papers are scheduled. As the subject involves only the Art students, the Science students are given a day off.

There is speculation around of the possibility that the government might declare extra holidays in conjunction with the “Hari Raya Puasa” festival. Well, the school is prepared of such possibility. As soon as the announcement is made (if it were to be made), then a new exam timetable will be made known immediately.

No matter what, all Upper 6 students and teachers alike are advised to make early preparation for the trial exam.

Good luck.

Starting from next Monday (2 Aug 2010) for a period of more than a week, a series of seminars will be conducted for Upper 6 students. Experienced and qualified teachers (internal and external) have been invited to give talks on the techniques to answer STPM exam questions.

It is not easy to invite these teachers because they are very busy. Apart from having their normal teaching job, they are greatly sought after by schools to give talks and provide guidance around this time. However, thanks to a few of our senior teachers who have wide contact, we are able to invite experience speakers for most of the STPM subjects.

Hopefully, our students will appreciate the effort of the school and greatly benefit from these talks.

Tarikh melaporkan diri untuk pelajar Tingkatan Enam Bawah 2010 adalah pada 10 Mei 2010. Mulai 3 Mei 2010, pelajar boleh melayari laman web Kementerian Pelajaran Malaysia di alamat http://www.emoe.gov.my untuk menyemak dan mencetak sendiri surat tawaran kemasukan ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah.


Murid-murid dari sekolah kerajaan yang layak ditawarkan masuk ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah 2010 hendaklah memenuhi tiga-tiga syarat berikut:
1. Memperoleh kepujian bagi mata pelajaran Bahasa Melayu dalam peperiksaan SPM 2009.

2. (A) Untuk kemasukan ke jurusan KEMANUSIAAN, calon mesti memperolehi TIGA kepujian dan jumlah mata gred tidak melebihi      8 unit bagi TIGA mata pelajaran terbaik . Tiap-tiap satunya hendaklah daripada kumpulan yang berlainan dari kumpulan-kumpulan berikut:

I                                Bahasa Melayu
II                              Bahasa Inggeris
III                            Kesusasteraan Melayu / Kesusasteraan Inggeris
IV                             Sejarah
V                               Geografi / Pendidikan Seni Visual
VI                            Pendidikan Islam / Pendidikan Moral
VII                          Matematik / Matematik Tambahan
VIII                        Sains / Sains Tambahan / Applied Science
IX                             Salah Satu Mata Pelajaran Teknik / Vokasional / Mata Pelajaran Vokasional (MPV)
X                               Tasawwur Islam / Pendidikan Al Quran Dan Al Sunnah / Pendidikan Syariah Islamiah
XI                             Bahasa Arab Tinggi / Bahasa Arab (Komunikasi) / Bahasa Cina / Bahasa Tamil
XII                           Sains Pertanian / Perdagangan / Prinsip Perakaunan / Ekonomi Asas / Ekonomi Rumah Tangga / Pengetahuan Sains   Sukan

Calon-calon yang memperolehi jumlah mata gred 9 hingga 12 unit bagi TIGA mata pelajaran terbaik daripada TIGA kumpulan yang berlainan seperti tercatat dalam 2(A), layak ditawarkan ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah dengan syarat terdapat kekosongan tempat di sekolah berkenaan.


2. (B) Untuk kemasukan ke jurusan SAINS, calon mesti memperoleh sekurang- kurangnya TIGA kepujian dengan jumlah mata gred yang tidak melebihi 14 unit. Tiap-tiap satunya hendaklah dalam kumpulan yang berlainan dari kumpulan-kumpulan berikut:

I                                  Matematik / Matematik Tambahan
II                                Fizik
III                             Kimia
IV                              Biologi
V                                Lukisan Kejuruteraan/Pengajian Kejuruteraan Mekanikal / Pengajian Kejuruteraan Awam /Pengajian Kejuruteraan                                      Elektrik & Elektronik/ Rekacipta / Teknologi Kejuruteraan / Teknologi Maklumat / Pengajian  Agroteknologi /                                 Pengurusan Makanan / Pengajian Pakaian.

Calon-calon yang memperolehi jumlah mata gred 15 hingga 18 unit bagi TIGA mata pelajaran terbaik daripada TIGA kumpulan yang berlainan seperti tercatat dalam 2(B), layak ditawarkan ke Tingkatan Enam Bawah dengan syarat terdapat kekosongan tempat di sekolah berkenaan.

3. Bagi kedua-dua jurusan, umur calon mestilah tidak melebihi 20 tahun dan tidak kurang daripada 17 tahun pada 1 Januari 2010.

Permohonan ini dibuka bagi program pengajian lepasan STPM / setaraf  sesi akademik 2010/2011. Permohonan ini dubuka mulai 2 Februari 2010 hingga 30 Mac 2010.

Calon yang berminat boleh merujuk kepada pautan Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia berikut :


It has been a month since the school adopted new sixth form time table.  There are two major changes in the time table as compared with the former system. The first change is the introduction of a new feature, Research and Colloquium (R&C), in the time table.

Students have to carry out a research project in group of 5 to 6 student, guided by a teacher. Two periods per week are allocated for R&C in the time table. It is hoped that with the training undertaken by students during pre-U period, the students will be better equipped and ready for their university days.

The second change in the sixth form schooling system is the integration of  co-curriculum activities in the school time table. Four periods per week of co-curriculum activities are arranged and carried out during the school hours. Students carry out two periods of Club/Society activities on Monday whereas Uniform Body activities are held on Tuesday.

The response of teachers and students towards the new sixth form time table has been positive thus far. It is hoped that with the new features in the time table, form sixth students will play a more active and leading role in the school, become more involved in community-based projects and aware of national as well as international issues. In other words, hopefully they will be more rounded in terms of personality.

The year 2010 sees a new chapter in the schooling system of SMJK Jit Sin. There are changes in the organisational structure of Form Six programme.

Soft skills have been added to the six form programme. Research/colloquium element has been introduced to prepare students when they further their studies in universities or colleges and to cope with working environment.

Co curriculum activities which were formerly out of the formal time table are now included in the school time table.

With the new elements, there are some adjustment to the time table for six form classes. The new time table will be used for both Lower and Upper Six classes in the coming 2010 academic year. Classes will end at 3.15pm on Monday and Tuesday for students to attend co curriculum activities. On Wednesday and Thursday, classes will end at 1.55pm. Dismissal time on Friday is 1.20pm.

More information on the new Form Six programme will follow soon. Stay tuned!

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